Who we are

  • Haqr Studio is a small independent software consulting and training company, anchored by a developer with 20+ years of experience.

What we do

  • We provide clearly specified, fixed duration software consulting services.

  • We offer a unique style of training which dynamically adapts based on the level and feedback of the participants.

How we do it

  • While we usually work remotely, we are always ready to travel onsite.

  • Our training is more successful onsite as it creates a more interactive learning environment, and provides a quicker feedback loop.

  • We do online training sessions, but in order to ensure the quality of our services, the number of participants is limited.

Where we work

  • We offer our services anywhere in the European Union, USA or Asia.

  • Most of our development is done remotely.

Focus Areas

  • We speak Java and Rust fluently

  • Backend development

  • Scalability and performance

  • Financial markets